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Our data bundles

Our data bundles are affordable and valid for longer time periods. To access our deals you need to download the app.

Bundles for 1 day

These bundles expire after 24 hours.

  • Kiduku


    1 Day
  • Most popular



    1 Day

Bundles for 90 days

Choose one of our bundles for 90 days and relish the digital world for three months.

  • Pambazuka


    90 Days
  • Rumba


    90 Days
  • Kubwa Kuliko


    90 Days

World Mobile App

Our App is available on all Android phones beginning with 6.0. You can download it for free from our World Mobile Network.

Once in range you can connect to our World Mobile network. Then, just follow the instructions to download the App.

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Why World Mobile

  • affordable

    The most affordable internet connection on the market

    Lots of MBs from 250Tshs.

  • calendar

    Enough time to enjoy your data

    Bundles valid for up to 90 Days.

  • device

    Competitive and reliable speeds

    Connect to our Wi-Fi hubs and Enjoy.

Coverage map

Coverage map

Our network coverage is growing; we currently have 0 AirNodes around the world.

Our AirNodes are our Wi-Fi hubs. Look out for the W sign.

About us

About us

World Mobile is a global mobile network built on blockchain technology and the sharing economy.

We believe in digital inclusion, self-data governance, environmental sustainability, decentralised identity, and financial empowerment for all.

We deliver fast and affordable connectivity where other telcos can’t reach.


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